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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

semangatku @ my spirit


curious x title entry kali ni ??
bhahaha  ^_^

spirit !! ouh my spirit !!
tataw la cm new na cite..

na kate ilang..umm ??
maybe not 
na kate datang..umm??
maybe yes

ni na habaq mai..
every time i entered the class, i will enjoyed with it..
its all because the MONEY !! INVESTMENT !! which is the sub topic that we need to learn it !!
ouh !!
semangat utk trus majukan dri..
bak kate my lect
"duit tu kalo awk simpan, simpan dan simpan memang la betambah, tapi ta berkembang. setiap kali simpan mesti ada keluar"

yes !!
drpd situ i fell in love with MONEY for my future life !!

ouh !!
ta sabanyer na besar n keje...
bisnes come to me !! come baby !!

p/s to ollz
its just not about the money, but its all about the future
think about it !

c yaa...

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