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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

akaun ouh akaun


fuhh !!
major matematik, minor lak akaun..
akhirnya tercapai gak ape yg aku na..

minor yg aku amik tuk sem ni
akaun awalan n prinsip kewangan..
yess suke utk aku ulangkn PRINSIP KEWANGAN

yes !! finance...RM !! RM !! RM !!
kcing !! kcing !! 
money come to mama

lect dy memng terbaik lah..
asgment fully in english..yes !!
all the accounting step and its small item must be in english
wow !!
ta gelabah lak aku an..
aku redho jewp !!
yg penting its all about the money !!
investment !! i'm really2 intrested with that !!
oh yeah !! tomorrow !! finance we will see again...


p/s to ollz
always alert with ur money !! 
there is nothing happend with ur money if u just keep it n add it into ur bank
do some investment for that !!
ouh yeah !!
gud luck yaw !!

c ya

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